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The Belleville Public Library offers a wide variety of services to our customers including public computers and free WiFi throughout the building. We also offer printing, photocopying and scanning. Black and White prints/photocopying are $0.25 per page while Colour is $1.00 per page; scanning is free.  To learn more about the other services we offer please use the navigation bar on the left.

Discover A Collection - Self-Help Books

Self-help books promote personal growth and can help you build confidence in any aspect of your life. These books give insight on personal problems and focus on many different topics, such as emotional and physical well-being, spirituality, and finances.  

Nothing Much Happens: Cozy And Calming Stories To Soothe Your Mind And Help You Sleep - Kathryn Nicolai      How To Be Fine: What We Learned From Living By The Rules Of 50 Self-Help Books - Jolenta Greenberg      Growing Young: How Friendship, Kindness, And Optimism Can Help You Live To 100 - Marta Zaraska      Relax, Dammit!: A User's Guide To The Age Of Anxiety - Timothy A. Caulfield      Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything - B. J. Fogg                              
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