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Parrott Gallery Shop

Located on the 3rd floor of the Belleville Public Library the Parrott Gallery Shop offers handcrafted jewellery, decor, household items, art and accessories by regional artists and artisans. 

Visit us at the Parrott Shop the next time you are out shopping!

We carry work by...

Linda Coulter • May Haslam • Mark Armstrong • Paul Johnston • Karina Schwienbacher • Daphne Creasy • Sheila Wright • Joyce Empey Smith • Brenda Sullivan • Lola Reid Allin • Emoke Wilson • Lisa Ferguson • Sandy Randle • Karen Richey • Florence Chik-Lau • Penny Doolittle • Liz Joans • Tracey Edwards • Melanie Horner • Colleen Thomson • Zak Sieben • George Ketcheson • Tina Osborne • Iris Casey • Sue Walker • Bev Redden • Lucie Kovarova-Weir • Edward Klein • Ilona Mayer • Marta Mouka • Karen Richey • Debby Smith • Wendy Vervoort

Featured Artist: Daphne Creasy

"I like being outdoors in nature. I like the beauty of what mother nature has to offer. Therefore, I love challenging myself in photographing birds, wildlife and landscapes. I have always loved photography and in more recent years I have had the opportunity to do just that. It is my passion!

Going to new places is another thing I like to do. In the last few years for example, I have travelled to Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Tuscany, to name a few. Places like these provide wonderful photographic opportunities.

This past June I spent some time going throughout New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and was thrilled to have been able to spend a day on Sable Island National Park Reserve, to photograph the famous wild horses and grey seals. It was truly a delight!"