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The Belleville Public Library and John M. Parrott Art Gallery:

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The Library and Gallery is a community meeting place that supports and inspires lifelong learning, creativity, growth and success.  We strive to meet the educational, recreational and information needs of all Belleville citizens through free and equitable access to physical and digital collections, artwork, technology and services.  

Please visit our beautiful building in downtown Belleville, built in 2006, with three floors including the art gallery and several meeting spaces.  The building is now the new home for the Community Archives of Belleville and Hastings County as well.  Click here for Library hours.

We make excellent customer service a top priority.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us today.   

photo of library by Lumbers Photography, showing library from Campbell Street with sunset

The History of the Library and Gallery

The Belleville Public Library and John M. Parrott Art Gallery has its origins in a Mechanics' Institute operated from 1851 to 1859. Municipal Library service in Belleville officially began in November 1876 with the establishment of the "Mechanics' Institute and Library Association". The name was changed in 1895 to the Belleville Public Library, in accordance with the new provincial Act Respecting Public Libraries.
In 1903, the City passed the first by-law for the operation of the Belleville Public Library, for that year. New by-laws were passed each year thereafter until 1908 when the by-law establishing on-going library operations was passed. Senator and Mrs. Henry Corby purchased the Merchants Bank of Canada property, remodeled it to serve as a library, and presented it to the City in 1908 "...for the use of the citizens of the City of Belleville for their sole and only use forever as a free public library."
A branch in the east-end of Belleville located at the corner of Farley Street and Victoria Avenue (known as the East Branch Library) operated from 1964 to 2002. The main branch Library building, with three additions constructed in 1959, 1968 and 1973, also known as the Corby Library was closed on April 27, 2006 and the new building built, located at 254 Pinnacle Street.