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Coming Exhibitions

 August 21 to September 18

Gallery 1 -  "County Artist, County Art": Showcasing sculptures by Tom Ashbourne SSC SCA OSA, and his private collection

"Red Sky", in alabaster, gilt and marble base
by Tom Ashbourne

After a successful career as a corporate executive, Tom joined the artistic community as a stone sculptor, his favorite art form, and found his passion and himself in the world of fine art. His creativity is born from the wonderful art he has enjoyed during his life, fertile imagination, and a deep appreciation of form, texture, and colour. Tom’s technical expertise was developed through training and mentorship by renowned local artists and his cherished collection of sculptural pieces, collected throughout his years as a patron. Together, these experiences have allowed Tom to develop his artistic eye and sense of balance and colour.


Gallery 2 - "Memento: Alzheimer's, A Personal Journey"

"Degrees of Loss", found/mixed media
by Linda Mazur-Jack

“Memento “ is my testament to the devastating and ongoing consequences of Alzheimer’s. With every diagnosis, many lives are changed, in every possible way, forever. This show was created in honour of my Husband. Should  You, Viewers, ever have to face this horrible, pernicious  journey yourselves, ... love and be brave. - Linda Mazur-Jack






Coming Exhibitions

Date Artist Title Media

September 25 to
October 23

Jy Chiperzak & 
Larraine Milligan
In Each Other's Shoes a collaboration of paintings & photography
Aileen Cherry &
Philippa Faulkner
Two Women, Two Perspectives paintings from the Parrott Gallery and private collections
October 30 to
December 1
Michèle LaRose

Colour on Edge 

oil paintings & works on paper
Sarah Winn Masked acrylic & mixed media
December 9 to
January 13, 2022
Belleville Art Association Perspectives -Juried show various


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