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Tuesday Painting Workshops with artist Rachel Harbour

10:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Artist & Instructor Rachel Harbour introduces several different painting techniques in an in-class setting. Beginners welcome! Registration & payment required in advance.

Register at  or call 613-968-6731 x2040

Cost $30.00 - All materials included.

Register early as space is limited.


Upcoming Workshops:

"Sunlight at the Beach", watercolour, 6x9", April 30 - this class is FULL

Wet-on-wet, lifting, dry brush, fan brush, scratching, glazing, watercolour pencil…all the things! Watercolour sometimes can be temperamental, but at the same time, playful. In this workshop we will put to use the versatility of this medium, exploring a handful of different ways it can be manipulated, allowing us to create a relaxed vista of early evening over a quiet beach.



"Middle-aged Woman with an Enamel Earring", acrylic, 14x11", May 21 (May 14 class is FULL)

Middle-aged Woman with an Enamel EarringIn a cheeky nod to the famous Vermeer painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” we will use this swim-towel-on-the-head portrait of me to explore the creation of multiple tints and shades of basic colours for pale skin tones.  With a bit of measuring, we will practice how to build a portrait in three-quarter view.







"Old Town at the Seaside", watercolour, 9x9", June 4 (May 28 class is full)

Old Town at the SeasideOne-point perspective is a system of drawing that allows us to show how things appear to get smaller as they get farther away from us.  We will use this process to construct a view of an old town next to the sea, then colour our street scape with delicate watercolour, and finish by adding character and detail with fine ink pens.






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