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Lyme Disease in Canada

Date:December 5, 2019
Location:3rd floor Meeting Room
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Lyme Disease in Canada

On Thurs. Dec. 5 at 2 PM, the Belleville Public Library is pleased to welcome science journalist, Vanessa Farnsworth, who will be at the Library to give a talk about Lyme Disease in Canada. Ms. Farnsworth’s talk will focus on the research surrounding Lyme disease, ticks, and related tick-borne illnesses. With the threat of Lyme disease spreading throughout Canada, including here in the Bay of Quinte, Ms. Farnsworth will discuss how Lyme disease and tick research is evolving, groundbreaking discoveries, and how this will impact the health of Canadians. This free event requires no registration.

For more information please call 623-968-6731 x 2037.

Admission Fee:FREE