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Saturday Drawing with Rachel Harbour These classes are FULL

10:30 a. m. to 12:30 p. m. May 6 to June10, 2023

Six classes, 2 hours each, (most) materials included, $135.00

Registration & payment required in advance. Space is limited.

Register at gallery@bellevillelibrary.ca  or call 613-968-6731 x2040



Drawing is a joyful means of expression, and a technical skill to be learned. It allows us to transfer what we see around us onto a page, and to communicate something of how we feel about what we see.  Drawing causes us to look closely, to observe; by developing an understanding of line, shape and form, we build the tools we need to translate what we see into marks we can put on a page. Then, as we explore value, colour and materials, we develop our abilities to express what we think or how we feel about what we observe. The more we draw, the better we see; the more (or more closely) we see, the better we draw…it’s addictive.

Over the six weeks of this course, with an overall goal of improving our ability to look, we will study line (weight and movement), shape (basic shapes, building blocks), form (turn 2-d into 3-d), value (light and dark, shadows), and composition (still life).  Colour and expression will be a through theme, as will experiments with different materials and drawing tools.

This course is geared to the beginner, but welcomes anyone who wants to improve their drawing skills.