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Reading Recommendations from "My Librarian"

After Anna by Lisa Scottoline

Book title After Anna by Lisa Scottoline

Anna has always lived with her father and Maggie hasn’t seen her since she was a baby.  Now Anna reaches out to Maggie and wants to move back home.  Maggie is thrilled and ignores the red flags that hint at trouble.  When Anna is murdered and her new husband Noah is accused of the crime, Maggie turns her back on the husband she once cherished.   When new information comes to light, Maggie searches for the truth and discovers things are not always as they seem. (Jane V.)


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Barbed Wire Heart by Tess Sharpe (ebook)

Book title Barbed Wire Heart by Tess Sharpe.

Looking for a fast-paced, gritty and compelling story with a strong female lead? Look no further than Tess Sharpe’s Barbed Wire Heart, available as an ebook through Overdrive.
Harley McKenna is the only child of North County’s biggest criminal. She’s been working for him since she was sixteen – collecting debts, sweet-talking her way out of trouble, and dreading the day he’d deem her ready to rule the rural drug empire he’s built. But her time has run out. The Springfields, her father’s biggest rivals, are moving in. Years ago they were responsible for her mother’s death and now they are coming for the McKenna’s only weak spot – his daughter. With a bloody turf war threatening to consume North County, Harley is forced to confront the truth: that her father's violent world will destroy her. Duke's raised her to be deadly—he never counted on her being disloyal. But if Harley wants to survive and protect the people she loves, she's got to take out Duke's operation and the Springfields. Blowing up meth labs is dangerous business, and getting caught will be the end of her, but Harley has one advantage: She is her father's daughter. And McKennas always win. (Shannon B.)
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The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker

Book title The Simple Wild by K A Tucker

Canadian K.A. Tucker is one of my favourite authors. She writes contemporary romances and romantic suspense with well-developed characters that will stay with you long after you have finished one of her books. Her newest title is called The Simple Wild. 
Calla Fletcher is making the long trip back to the remote frontier town where she was born – Bangor, Alaska. Her mother left her father when Calla was two because her mother couldn’t handle the extreme isolation and rural lifestyle of Bangor. Now 26, Calla struggles to adjust to the rugged environment, roaming wildlife, odd daylight hours and even the occasional outhouse, all for the chance to connect with her father. While she struggles to find common ground with her father she clashes with a local pilot – Jonah – who clearly believes that this pampered city girl cannot handle the wilds of Alaska. Jonah is probably right, but Calla is determined to prove him wrong. Soon, she finds herself forming an unexpected bond with the burly pilot. But Calla is not in Alaska to stay and Jonah will never leave. It would be foolish of her to start a romance, to take the same path her parents tried many years ago. It’s a simple truth that turns out to not be so simple after all. (Shannon B.)

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