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Jr Librarian program

Welcome to the Junior Librarian Reading Club!

The Junior Librarian Reading Club is an ongoing reading program with no end date.  It encourages children from Gr. K-3 to read 250 (reading level appropriate) books, children in Gr. 4-6 to read 100 (reading level appropriate) books, and children in Gr. 7 and 8 to read 50 (reading level appropriate) books.  To encourage reading, each child will receive a prize when they reach reading milestones.  Grades 4 to 8 have the opportunity to complete reading challenges to earn reading challenge badges.  Once all reading goals are achieved, the child will receive an MLIS Jr. (Master of Library & Information Science), a Junior Librarian badge, and they can join our Junior Librarian Wall of Fame.  A great way to celebrate a huge reading achievement!  Summer reading club books, audiobooks and being read to count, too.

The benefits of reading include improved focus, improved language, vocabulary, and writing skill, increased imagination, and increased empathy - just to name a few!

How does the Junior Librarian Reading Club work?

1.  Register:  Visit the Belleville Public Library and pick up your reading log.  

2.  Track your reading:  Each time you read a book, write down the title in your reading log.

3.  Milestones:  When you reach milestones noted in your reading log, bring in your reading log and get a prize.

When you reach your designated number of books, bring in your reading log, get a congratulatory prize, and join the Junior librarian Wall of Fame!