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Current Exhibitions 

Gallery 1: November 26 -  December 23, 2020

Continuing Online throughout January 2021: Terry Veevers - As I See It

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Contemplation, oil on panel 2019 - Terry Veevers

Prince Edward County artist Terry Veevers focuses his creativity on painting and printmaking. His current practice centres on expressive portraiture, rural landscapes and more recently, normative still lives.

You can enjoy Terry’s exhibition online throughout January:  As I See It.



Click image to preview Terry's show





To view this show on Bert's Flickr page: click HERE

Cressy, Arctic, Bert Jenkins

Bert Jenkins describes himself as a documenter of landscapes. With his photographs Bert tries to share a sense of what it is like to stand in a particular place. “Images for me are linked inextricably to place and location – if I see a landscape my first question is, where is it?”

Turn but a Stone includes distant and local county landscapes. How many are you familiar with?





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