Mad Science Virtual Show

Date:July 22, 2021
Time:11:00am - 12:00pm
Special Event   Special Event
For Kids!   For Kids!

Mad Science enriching STEM experiences that will spark their imaginations. Boy holding a beaker.Mad Science 

In this thrilling performance audiences will witness amazing feats of chemistry as we explore a range of spectacular reactions. Children will be awed as the Mad Scientist creates an extra hand to help with our experiments.  They will be dazzled by our colour change demonstrations and exothermic reactions that will produce a Genie out of a Bottle and a Giant Foam Snake.


Stay for the end for an at-home, hands-on activity! All Ages

Please have the following available for Balloon Blow Up Activity

Register at or by phoning us at 

613-968-6731 ext. 2035.