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Census Records and Enumeration Lists


Appendix to the report of the Bureau of Industries 1897: early municipal records of the Midland District.   R929.3713 App


Preliminary list of electors for the municipality of the City of Belleville. Belleville City Clerk.  

R 929.3 Bel   1972, 1974, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1985, 1988, 1991


Belleville Census Search for 1851, 1861,1871,1881   CD R 971.3585 Saw 


Census of Canada: microfilm reel numbers: mf

   Hastings County   

 Prince Edward County    

Northumberland County

      1851: C-11727

     1851: C-11750

    1842:  C-1344 (Newcastle District)

      1861: C-1032 - C-1034 

     1861: C-1069 - C-1070 

    1851: C-11739 C- 11740

      1871: C-9990 - C-9995

     1871: C-9989 - C-9990 

    1851: C-11739 - C-11740

      1881: C-13237 - C-13239 

     1881: C-13237

    1861: C-1054 - C-1056

      1891: T-6342 - T-6344 

     1891: T-6364   T-6365


      1901: T-6472 - T-6473

     1901: T-6493



**Note: Out-of-town genealogists should ask their local library to arrange an

     Interlibrary loan 

from:    Library and Archives of Canada,
                        395 Wellington Street,
                        Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0N3   Canada


Census transcriptions are available for:
1851 Thurlow Twp., Hastings Co.   R 929.3713 Eig
1851 Prince Edward Co.   R 929.3713 Han
1861 Hallowell Twp., Prince Edward Co.   R 929.3713 Han
1861 Marysburgh Twp., Prince Edward Co.   R 929.3713 Han
1861 Town of Picton, Prince Edward Co.   R 929.3713 Han
1861 Hungerford Township, Hastings Co.   R 929.3713585 Eig
1871 Hungerford Township, Hastings Co.   R 929.3713585 Eig


Indexes to the Census of Ontario are available for the following counties:
1851 Lennox & Addington   R 929.371359 Ind
1871 Hastings-Prince Edward   R 929.371358 Ind
1871 Kingston-Frontenac-Lennox-Addington   R 929.371371 Ind
1871 Northumberland   R 929.371357 Ind






Family Histories:

Adams   see Smith

Alger     see Lake

Alkenbrack    see Mitts


Alley (d'Allee)

see also Sprung, R 929.2 Gen

Alyea (Aliee, Alie, Alye, Elya)

Archer    see Buxton, King

Armstrong see Allen, Masson

Asselstine (van Ysselsteyn)  
see R 929.2 Ass



Babcock    see also Johnson, Sprung

Barber    see Sprung






Benn      see Deline

Bish     see Hemsley

Black      see also Sprung

Blakeney     see Lake


Boleyn    see R 929.2 Bux

Booth      see also Goldsmith

Bowerman   see R 929.2 Gen


Brett     see MacGeachie

see also R 929.2 Gen, R 929.3 Bap




Brooker       see Hemsley









Calvert     see Potter

Campbell      see also Johnson

Canniff    see also Fraser






Clark see Brown

Clem (Climo)

Clothier    see Mullet

Cole     see also Hennesey


Cooney      see Tripp







Dafoe (Defoe)

Davis        see R 929.2 Gen

De Groff

Deline (deLigne) 

Demille   see Tripp

Dench     see Harry




Dorland    see Booth









Emerson     see Johnson


Fetherstonhaugh    see Humphries

Fettiplace  see R 929.2 Bux





Fortescue       see R 929.2 Bux

Fowler     see Black


Fralick (Fraleigh) see also Asselstine

Fraser (Frazer)




Gardiner   see Henderson


Geen   see also Forneri

Giraud (Gerow, Gero, Jero)

Gilmore      see Smith



Gordanier    see Mitts

Gordon     see Elliot



Grass      see Graham



Griffin     see Hibbard




Haight        see Mitts

Hall     see Duncan




Hay      see McGeachie, R 929.2 Cli

Hazlett (Haslett)




Herrington    see Johnson


Hinder    see R 929.2 Bux





Hotham see Tripp

Hubble (Hubel)


Hudgin (Hudgins)

Huff       see also R 929.2 Gen



Jarvis      see Gunton

Jero see Giraud



Johnston (Johnstone)



Keller (Kelder) see Asselstine

Kennedy    see R 929.2 Cam


Keyes       see McCornock




Kyle     see McCornock



Laird     see  McCornock

Latimer      see Elliott


Lazier see Tripp


Lent    see R 929.2 WilV



Lochhead   see Asselstine

Love  see  McCornock

Loveless (Lovelace)




MacDiamid (McDermid)
see R 929.2Cam



MacNab (McNab)

Magee      see McCornock






Maybee (Mabie)
see also Johnson

McBurney see Henderson






McMillan    see Lake



Meyers    see also Waltermire



Milltown  see Black


Mitts (Mits, Mitz, Mittz, Mets, Metz)


Morden  see also R 929.2 WilV

Morgan    see McGeachie



Mulvey        see Johnson

Munro      see R 929.2 Cam




Orr      see Johnson






Palmateer   see R 929.2Cam, King

Parliament (Parleman)
 see also R 929.3 Bap



Peck (Peack, Peeck, Peake, Peak)

 Pegan   see Black

Perry   see Shorey, R 929.2 WilV


 Phillips see also Henderson

Pitman   see Mitts

Platt see Williams


Powers see McGeachie




Redner (Ridnor, Rednor)
see also R 929.3Bap


Regan see Black





Roblin   see also Fraser, Graham

Rogers    see Smith, R 929.2 WilV



Rosebush (de Rosier, Rosier)

Ross   see R 929.2 WilV






Sager     see Hennessey


Schermerhorn   see Williams

Sedore   see King




Shortt     see Barton

Simmons    see Hennessey


Sine see Mack


Soper   see Hennessey

Spencer    see also R 929.2 Gen




Stephanson  (Sveinsson)

Stokes   see R 929.2 Bux




Thompson    see also McCornock

Tice (Tyce)

Tiller     see Johnson




Tweedy (Tweedie)







Vader    see Black

 Van Cott

Van Deurson

Van de Water

Van Meer see R 929.2 WilV

Varty (Vardy)

Vincent     see Mitts



Waddington   see Tripp




Walker     see Shorey

Wanamaker see also R 929.3 Bap

Waltermire (Waldenmeyer)
see also Meyers





 Weeks   see R 929.2 Gen 

Weese (Wees, Weist, West, Weast)   
see also Henderson


Wellington    see R 929.2 Gen 



Welton   see Hubel









Other sources about families:

  • Long Island genealogies: families of Albertson, Andrews, and other families being kindred descendents of Thomas Powell of Bethpage by Mary Powell Bunker   R 929.10974721
  • In search of Scottish ancestry by Gerald Hamilton Edwards   R 929.10720411
  • Genealogical classification by family group coding for descent from common ancestors    R 929.20973 Ste
  • Ontario families by Earle Marion Chadwick   R 929.9 Cha
  • Weaving on the family loom: an anthology of Northumberland Families   R 929.367 RicB
  • Pioneer life on the Bay of Quinte   R 929.2 Pio
  • Index to Family names in "Pioneer life on the Bay of Quinte   R 929.2 Pio   Name Index


Land Records 

  • Illustrated historical atlas of Hastings and Prince Edward Counties, 1878. Name index
    published separately   R 911.71358
  • Ontario. Archives. Computerized land records index. (microfiche)   mf
  • Ontario. Archives. Reports   R 971.3 Ont
    • 3rd, 1905: includes notes on land tenure in Canada to 1800, and Land Board minutes
    • 16th, 1920: Land settlement in Upper Canada, 1783-1840
    • 17th, 1928: Grants of crown lands in Upper Canada, 1787-1791: Land books A and B
    • 18th, 1929: Grants of crown lands...1792-1796: Land book A
    • 19th, 1930: Grants of crown lands...1796-1797: Land books B and C
    • 20th, 1931: Grants of crown lands...1796-1798: Land books C and D


Records of Births, Marriages & Deaths:


Indexes to Births, Marriages and Deaths recorded in the Intelligencer are available in computer printout: 1856-1879, 1900-1974, 1980-1989, and 1994 to present


Births ( Baptisms)

  • Baptism register of Robert Neil Burnbrae Church, Northumberland Co.,1852-1872   R929.3713 Nei
  • Methodist Church Baptismal Records   R 929.3713585 Met
         Sidney , Tyendinaga, Hastings      1840-1887     
         Madoc Township, Hastings      1843-1876
         Prince Edward      1841-1888
  • Paramus, Bergen County, New Jersey, Reformed Dutch church baptism 1740-1850           R 929.3 Par
  • Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms Lennox and Addington Co. 1803-1898 Corupe, Linda        R 929.371359 Wes
  • Wesleyan Methodist Baptism resisters of Hastings Co.1840-1902  Corupe, Linda              R 929.3713 Wes



  • County marriage registers of Ontario, 1858-1869.  Hancocks, Elizabeth   R 929.3713 Han

v.3 Prince Edward County

v.5 Hastings County

v.9 Northumberland County

v.13 Lennox and Addington County

v.16 Frontenac County and Kingston City

  •  Documents relating to the colonial history of the state of New Jersey
     1665-1800   Nelson, William   R 929.373 Doc

·          Hastings County Marriages (Index to Registers)    
 Corupe, Linda   R 929.3713585 Has  v.1 1869-1875  v.2  1876-1880   v.3  1881-1885

·          Marriage bonds of Ontario 1803- 1834 Wilson, Thomas   R 929.3713 Wil

·          Marriages from the Hungerford Township, Hastings Co. 1876- 1926   R 929.3713 Pip

·          Marriage notice of Ontario 1813- 1854 Reid, William D.   R 929.3713 Rei

·          Marriage register of Rev. John Hamm Bay of Quinte Mar 31, 1836 –Dec 3, Dec 1836 Hamm, John   R 929.3713 Ham

·          Marriage register of Stephen Conger, J.P. Hallowell & Conger or "White Chapel" Cemetery Record    1803- 1823 Conger, Stephen   R 929.3713 Con

·          Marriage register of Rev. Robert Neil  Seymour Township 1840-1878   Neil, Robert        R 929.3713 Nei

·          Marriage register of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian church
Burnbrae, Seymour Township, Northumberland Co. 1858-1886, 1879-1886                       R 929.3713 Row

·          The marriage registers of Upper Canada/ Canada West 
Victoria District
1839- 1858 Walker, Dan   R 929.3713 Wal v.15

·          The missing marriages of Hastings county   Victoria District 1850-1861   Kellaway, Don   R 929.3713 Kel

·          Ontario Marriage Notice  1830- 1856  Wilson, Thomas   R 929.3713 Wi   

·          Ontario Marriage Register 1869 Index    1869   Mutice, R. Robert   R 929.3713 Mut 

·          Record of marriage licenses issued by A. J. Northrup  Belleville   Aug 17, 1873 to        Nov 19, 1902   R 929.3713 Rec


·          Death notices of Ontario 1810- 1854 Reid, William D.   R 929.3713 Rei

  •  Death notice from the Canadian Christian Advocate, 1858-1872 McKenzie,  Donald A.    R 929.3713 Mack
  •  Death notice from the Christian guardian 1836-1850 McKenzie, Donald A.                       R 929.3713 Mack.
  •  Death notice from the Christian guardian 1851-1860 McKenzie, Donald A.                       R 929.3713 Mack
  •  More notices from the Methodist papers 1830-1857 McKenzie, Donald A.                        R 929.3713 Mack
  •  Obituaries from Ontario’s Christian guardian 1861-1870 McKenzie, Donald A.                R 929.3713 Mack
  •  Loyalist graves in the bay of Quinte Region 1800-   R 929.3713. Bur
  •  Obituaries copied from Belleville Intelligencer and Picton Times Nov. 1965-1978            R 929.371358 Obi
  •  Obituaries from local newspapers (Belleville Intelligencer and Picton gazette) 1975-1984   R 929.371358 Obi

·          Surrogate Court Index of Ontario 1859- 1900   R 929.3713 Sur
v.2 Hastings & Prince Edward Co. v.4 Northumberland & Durham Co.
v.8 Frontenac Co.  v.9 Lennox & Addington Co.

  •  Old wills: Late of Surrogate Court, Kingston   1790-1858   R 929.3713 Old
  •  Index of wills: Surrogate Court, Kingston   R 929.3713 Old Index




Other Registers for Marriages, Baptism, and Deaths

  •  Anglican registers Upper Canada 1784-1814 Rev. John Langhorn   R 929.3713 Lan
  •  Early Methodist records marriage register, Methodist Episcopal church   R. 929.3713 Ear
    Smith Creek   1831-1832    Smith Creek circuit  1805 -1844 (Baptism included)
     Bay of Quinte  circuit 1835-1846  Napanee circuit 1843-1853
  •  Index to Ontario Births, Marriages, and Deaths Registers   From 1869 Microfilm   mf
  •  The Ontario register Wilson, Thomas   R 929.3713 Ont
  •  Parish resister of Kingston Upper Canada 1785-1811 Young, A. H.   R 929.3713 You
  •  Presbyterian registers Upper Canada 1800-1841 Rev. Robert J. McDowell                        R 929.3713 McD

United Empire Loyalist Lists and Related Sources  

  • The book of names, especially relating to the early Palatines and the first settlers in the Mohawk Valley / MacWethy, Lou D.   R 929.3 MacW
  • Centennial of the settlement of Upper Canada by the United Empire Loyalist, 1784-1884: the celebrations at Adolphustown, Toronto and Niagara, with an appendix, containing a copy of the U.E. lists, preserved in the Crown Lands Department at Toronto   R 971.024 Cen
  • Early Ontario settlers: a source book. / Crowder, Norman Kenneth   R 929.3713 Cro
  • Early eighteenth century Palatine Emigration / Knittle, Walter Allen   R 929.1 Kni
  • Finding aids and indexes used in Audit Office 12 and 13 at the Public Record Office                 mf 971.024 Fin
  • Haldimand papers: muster rolls, accounts, etc. relating to the Corps of Loyal Americans, 1776-1789; and musters of refugee Loyalists desiring to settle in Canada, 1784   mf 971.024 Hal
  • The King’s Royal Regiment of New York: with the addition of an index, appendices and a master muster roll prepared by Gavin K. Watt, ed   R 971.024 Cru
  • Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe’s District Loyalist Rolls, 1796-1801: likely the basis of all Loyalist rolls Transcribed by E. Keith Fitzgerald.   R 971.024 Lie
  • List of United Empire Loyalists. Copy of original list in records of the Crown Lands dept. of Ontario  (Public Archives of Canada M.G. 9, D4, vol.9); and executive Council’s copy (R.G. 1, L7, vol.52A)   mf 971.024 Lis
  • Loyalist lineages of Canada, 1783-1983/ Lynn A. Morgen, general editor, 2 v. (v.2 in 2 parts)     R 929.20971 Loy
  • Loyalist lists: over 2000 Loyalist names and families from the Haldimand papers   R 971.024 Fit
  • The Loyalists in Ontario: the sons and daughters of the American Loyalists of Upper Canada / Reid, William   R 929.2 Rei
  • Loyalists settlements, 1783-1789: new evidence of Canadian Loyalist claims/ Research and Transcription / W. Bruce Antliff.   R 971.024 Loy
  • Mohawk Valley in the Revolution: Committee of Safety papers & genealogical compendium / Maryly B. Penrose   R 974.7602 Pen
  • Muster rolls, New Jersey Volunteers, 1777/78 to 1782/83. mf C-3873 to C-3874 [Note: Reel C-3873 also includes List of officers and men composing the North-West Field Force…Rebellion of 1885   mf
  • Ontario Bureau of Archives. 2nd report, 1904: United Empire Loyalists: enquiry into losses and services in consequence of their loyalty: evidence in the Canadian claims   mf 971.3 Ont (Photocopy of name index shelved at   R 929.2 Rei
  • Ontarian families: genealogies of United Empire Loyalists and other pioneer families of Upper Canada / Edward Marion Chadwick   R 929.209713 Cha
  • Ontario People Fitzgerald E. Keith 1796-1803   R929.3713 Fit
  • Rolls of the Provincial (Loyalist) Crops, Canadian command, American Revolutionary period /  R 971.024 Fry
  • The settlement of the United Empire Loyalists on the Upper St. Lawrence and Bay of Quinte in 1784   R 971.024 Cru
  • To their heirs forever / Lapp, Eula C.   R 929.1 Lap
  • The United Empire Loyalists around the Bay of Quinte: a bibliography of materials in the Belleville Public Library   R 016.973314 Mit
  • United Empire Loyalists: a collection of articles complied form various sources by Belleville Public Library   R 971.024 Uni v.1, v.2
  • U.E. Loyalist links / Waller, Russ   R 929.20971 Wal
  • United Empire Loyalists lists. [Records of the Crown Lands Department of Ontario]                   mf 971.024 Lis

NOTE: Other histories of the United Empire Loyalists are shelved at R 971.024 and R 973.314



Cemetery Transcriptions:  Hastings County   Lennox and Addington County   Northumberland County   Prince Edward County

Hastings County shelved at:   R 929.3713585 Cem

Belleville Cemetery: Mausoleum; Plot L; Plot O; Plot P; Plot Q; Plot R; Plot New R

Belleville: St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

Carlow: Con. 5, lot 20 Carlow United Church

Cashel: Con. 4, lot 23, Gunter

Dungannon: Con. 4, lot 19, Nobb's Con. 8, lot 10, Egan Creek Anglican
Con. 8, lot 11, Detlor United (Methodist) Church Con. 15, lot 27, Lakeview

Elzevir: Con. 2, lot 13, Greenwood Con. 4, lot 3, Actinolite United Church

Faraday: Lower Faraday Road, Trinity Anglican Con. A, Pt. Lot 25, Monck Rd.  Con. 3, lot 3, Umphraville

Hungerford: Con. 1, Pt. lot 26, Lime Lake Con. 1, lot 30, Bunker Hill
Con. 2, Pt. lot 35, Allen Con. 2, Pt. lot 35, Kimmett
Con. 4, lot 1, Thomasburg Con. 6, Pt. lot 13, Park's   Con. 7, lot 8, Bethel



Huntingdon: Con. 1, lot 6, Lloyd Con. 1, lot 14, Quaker
Con. 1, lot 19, St. Paul's Anglican Church, Roslin Con. 1, lot 20, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Cemetery, Roslin
Con. 1, lot 20, United Church, Roslin
Con. 2, lot 2, Luke's Con 2, lot 15, Moira
Con. 3, lot 2, Mitz (Mitts) Con. 4, lot 3, Haggerty family plot
Con.6, lot 6 Con. 7, lot 1, Reid
Con. 7, lot 9, Fitchett Con. 8, lot 3, Wood family plot
Con. 8, lot 8, Former Standard Church Con. 10, lot 9, White Lake
Con. 10, lot 10, New White Lake

Ivanhoe: Gauen Cemetery 

Lake: Con. 5, lot 5, Airhart family

Limerick: Con. 2, lot 14, Old St. Ola Cemetery Con. 3, lot 17, Greenbush Protestant Burial Ground, Old Hastings Road

Madoc: Con. 1, lot 7, Lakeview Con. 1, lot 23, Kelly Robinson family plot
Con. 3, lot 22, Ruport family plot Con. 5, lot 21, Fox
Con. 8, Hazzard's United Church Con. 9, lot 23, Allen Settlement

Marmora: Marmora Village, 45 Mathews St. Con. 3, lot 15
Con. 4, lot 7 Con. 4, lot 18
Con. 4, lot 25 Con. 4, lot 27
Con. 5, lot 16, Beaver Creek Free Methodist Church Con. 6, lot 12; Con.6, lot 16 (family plots)
Mayo: Con. 9, lot 11, Childs Con. 12, lot 13, Hermon United Church

Monteagle: Con. 2, lot 27, Musclow Con. 8, lot 11, Bartlett
Con. 8, lot 11, Hybla Zion United (Methodist) Church Bentley Creek Road, Hawley family plot

Rawdon:   Con. 1, Hay family plot Con. 1, lot 7 [family plot]
Con. 1, lot 10, Cummings-Horton Con. 1, lot 22, Carmel
Con. 2, lot 4 [family plot] Con. 2, lot 17, Weaver
Con. 2, lot 19, Hubble Hill Pioneer Cemetery Con. 3, lot 19, Mt. Pleasant
Con. 4, lot 12, Bethel United Church Con. 4, lot 12, Fanning family plot
Con. 4, lot 24, St. Lawrence-Wooton-Preston Con. 5, lot 10, Sine's School
Con. 5, lot 19, Wellman's Con. 8, lot 8, St. Thomas' Anglican Church
Con. 8, lot 9 [family plot] Con. 8, lot 10, Runnalls family plot
Con. 9, lot 12, McConnell Con. 9, lot 19, Barton [family plot]
Con. 10, lot 13, Mt. Nebo, Springbrook Con. 11, lot 8, Cassidy [family plot]
Con. 11, lot 11, Mason [family plot] Con. 11, lot 24, Rylstone
Con. 12, lot 19, Twelfth Line Con. 13, lot 6, Mumby
Con. 13, lot 7 [family plot] Con. 13, lot 8 [family plot]
Con. 14, lot 8 [family plot]

Sidney: St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic, Frankford
Broken Front of Sidney, part lot 10, Con. 2, lot 18, Hogle
Whites (Bayside) Cemetery (also known as Con. 4, lot 33, Stone Church
VanBlaricom Burying Ground & Sidney Cemetery)
Con. 5, lot 6, Frankford Cemetery Con 5, lot 6, Old Frankford Cemetery (Wesleyan Methodist)
Con. 5, lot 6, Holy Trinity Anglican Con. 5, lots 26 & 27, Ketcheson
Con. 6, lot 24, Sine Con. 6, lot 29, Vanderwater
Con. 7, lot 16,Taugher family; Donohoe family Con. 7, lot 31[family plot]
Con. 8, lot 18, River Valley Con. 8, lot 18 [family plot]
Con. 8, lot 36, Guffin Con. 9, lot 32, Danford
Con. 9, lot 34, Juby Con. 9, lot 35, Clarke-Eggleton

Thurlow: Con. 3, lot 6 [family plot]; Con. 3, lot 26 Con. 3, lot 15, Easton family plot (abandoned)
Con. 3, lot 26 [family plot] Con. 4, lot 6, Elmwood
Con. 5, lot 2, Foxboro Con. 5, lot 29, Gilead United Church
Con. 6, lot 26, Victoria Con. 7, lot 20, Plainfield (Denyes)
Con. 8, lot 15, Jones

Tudor: Grant East, lot 69/70, St. Margaret's Anglican Block A, Pt. lot 22, Stoney Settlement
Con. 18, lot 12, Gilmour

Wollaston: Con. 10, lot 20, Salem Pioneer


Lennox and Addington County shelved at: R 929.371359 Cem

North Fredericksburg: Hay Bay Cemetery, Con. 3 Richmond Twp.: Deseronto, Con. 1, lots 2-3

Northumberland County shelved at: R 929.371357 Cem

Brighton Twp.: Con. A, lot 24, Greenwood Con. A, lot 24, Smith, Smithfield
Con. B, lot 28-29, Lawson/Vansicklin Con. 3, lot 27, Carman (incl. in Murray book)
Con. 4, lot 4, Hilton Con. 5, lot 24, Friends (incl. in Murray book)
Con. 5, lot 30, McPhail's Con. 10, lot 3, Clark

Cramahe: Colborne Cemetery Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery, Colborne
Con. 1, lot 21, Salem Con. 4, lot 3, Union
Con. 4, lot 11, Waite Con. 5, lot 26, Walkers
Con. 8, lot 11, Carr Con. 10, lot 30, Red Cloud
Mount Olivet; Mt. Pleasant; Sabin

Haldimand: Lakeport, Con. 8, lot 2



Murray: Con. A, lot 7, St. George's Anglican Cemetery Con. B, lot 21, Mount Carmel
(Also incl. St. George's Anglican Church and Con. C, lot 9, Carrying Place
Churchyard, Trenton) Con. 2, lot 4, Mount Evergreen
Con. 2, lots 5-6, Mount Calvary Con. 4, lot 9, Mount Zion
Con. 4, lot 10, Gunter-Maybee Con. 4, lot 17, McColl
Con. 4, lot 18, Wessels Con. 5, lot 16, Scott
Con. 5, lot 24, Wooler Friends Con. 6, lot 3, Stockdale
Trenton, Old St. Peter's

Con. 1, lot 15, Stone

Seymour: Con. 2, lot 26 & Con. 3, lot 24, Hoard family Con. 3, lot 15, English Line
Con. 9, lot 20, Zion Con. 13, lot 20, Stanwood
Burnbrae Cemetery

Prince Edward County shelved at: R 929.3713587 Cem
Wanamaker, C.L.R. Cemeteries of Prince Edward County. (No index; arrangement is geographical, by cemetery)
Ameliasburgh Twp., Con. 1, Albury Con. 2, W 1/2 lot 91, Delong-Brooks
Con. 4, Consecon
Hallowell: Bloomfield, Hicksite Friends Bloomfield, Universalist
Hillier: Con. 3, lot 17, Christ Churc

Other books on cemeteries:

Loyalist graves in the Bay of Quinte region: Burleigh, H.C.   R 929.37 Bur
Inventory of cemeteries in Ontario: a genealogical research guide. 1987   R 929.3713 Inv
Register of burials, Cataraqui Cemetery   mf  97/05/28


  • 1851 Canada directory...John Lovell (Belleville section only)   mf
  • 1857 Canada directory...John Lovell (Belleville business list)   mf and   R 929.3 Bel
  • 1865 Directory of the Town of Picton and County of Prince Edward, Canada West   mf
  • 1871 Lovell's Ontario (Belleville section only)   mf
  • 1884/85 Kimball's Belleville city directory   mf
  • 1893 Union Publishing Co.'s farmers and business directory for...Hastings, Prince Edward   mf
  • 1894/95 Belleville City Directory (Union Publishing Co.)   mf
  • 1896 Belleville City Directory (Union Publishing Co.)   mf
  • 1899/1900 Belleville City Directory   mf
  • 1902 Union Publishing Co.'s farmers and business directory for...Hastings, Prince Edward   mf


Vernon's City of Belleville (Ontario) directories   R 929.3 Bel
1909 mf 1922 1934 1947 1959 1970 1982
1911 mf 1924 1936 1949 1961 1972 1984 1913 1926 1938 1951 1963 1974 1986 1915 1928 1940 1953 1964 1976 1988
1918 1930 1942 1955 1978 1990
1920 1932 1944 1957 1968 1980 1992

Belleville-Trenton directory, 1962. Home edition   R 929.3 Bel

Belleville and district telephone directories   R 929.3 Bel
1920 May 1935 1952 1970 1978 1986 1929 Mar 1936 1945 1953 1979 1987
1929 Nov 1937 1954 1972 1980 1988
1930 1938 1947 1955 1973 1981 1989 1931 1939 1948 1974 1982 1990 1932 1940 1949 1964 1975 1983 1991
1933 1941 1950 1967 1976 1984 1992 1934 1942 1951 1968 1977 1985 1993 1994 Belleville and district telephone directories,
1883-1978 mf

Hastings County Directories   R 929.3 Has and  mf
1860/61 1864/65 1868/69 1879/80 1881

Wilson, Thomas B., and Emily S. Wilson. Directory of the Province of Ontario, 1857, with a gazetteer   R 929.3713 Wil
Gazetteer and business directory of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N.Y., for 1869-70               R 929.3 Mon

Local Histories: 

  • Histories of Belleville and Hastings County are shelved at   R 971.3585
  • Histories of Prince Edward County are shelved at   R 971.3587
  • Tweedsmuir histories and other local histories often include family histories and lists of names. Titles and subjects, including geographical areas, are listed in the library catalogue.

Other Indexes: 

  Index to births, marriages, and deaths recorded in the Intelligencer, 1856 to present. (Computer printout)

  Intelligencer and other local newspapers, on microfilm from 1856 to the present. Computer-produced index is available for the years 1856 to 1879 only.


Marchmont Home, Belleville, 1870-1925

1. Belleville Public Library has the following sources of information on the Marchmont Home and children who were brought there:

a) Local files: Mostly clippings from the Intelligencer, ca. 1970's to present, including some newspaper photos. Some history of the Marchmont Home. Many newspaper items with reminiscences of local people who came to this area as "Home" children. No lists of children.

b) Three binders containing information from the Intelligencer and other sources, ca. 1860's to early 1900's. Includes clippings about Marchmont Home staff, arrivals of new groups of children, some miscellaneous items about individual children. Accompanied by card index to names of children found in newspaper items in binders. No official lists or documents from the Home.

c) Belleville Public Library book collection: -- Several books on child immigrants to Canada, but only one book specifically on the Marchmont Home. These books may be borrowed on interlibrary loan : --

  • The little immigrants: the orphans who came to Canada. / Bagnell, Kenneth   305.23 Bag 1980.
  • Marchmont: distributing home, Belleville, Ontario, 1870-1925/ / Gilchrist, James S. 362.70869109713585 Gil
  • The home children: their personal stories / Phyllis Harrison   362.730922 Hom
  • Empty cradles. / Humphries, Margaret   305.906945 Hum
  • Labouring children: British immigrant apprentices to Canada, 1869-1924./ Parr, Joy   331.31 Par
  • Barnardo. / Wagner, Gillian   362.73092 BarW

2. Hastings County Historical Society Archives  

Card index to the archives lists several files, which contain mostly newspaper clippings, including information on people connected with Marchmont Home, such as: Rev. Robert Wallace, William Merry, Ellen Agnes Bilbrough, Annie Macpherson. No lists of children or other original documents from the Home.   

              Hastings County Historical Society,
              154 Cannifton Road North,
Cannifton, Ontario K0K 1K0

3. Addresses in the U.K.

Several British organizations sent children to Canada. Barnardo's was probably the most prominent, but it was not the only one. For information on family members who were in care at Barnardo's, write to:

              Barnardo's After Care Section
              Tanners Lane Barkingside
              Ilford, Essex
              England IG6 1QG

Some Marchmont Home children in the 1870's and 1880's came from Scotland through the Quarriers Homes. Enquiries can be addressed to:
              Quarriers Village
              Bridge of Weir
              Scotland PA11 3SX



4. Internet Resources

National Archives Click on ArchivaNet and then on Home Children.
Use Search the Database to enter a name and get information on age, name of ship, year of arrival, etc., or click on "Need Help?" for details on using the search functions and obtaining passenger lists on microfilm.

Young Immigrants to Canada: This site is worth visiting. Lots of links to information about Home Children.

5. Microfilm 

Some of the documents from the Marchmont Home are available from the National Archives on microfilm. Reels C-4688, C-4689, C-4691, C-1732, C-4733  include lists of children's names, place of origin, state of health, etc., as well as other documents from the Home, 1892-1916. No index. We have this microfilm in our collection.
Out-of-town researchers can borrow it from:
            Library and Archives of Canada
            395 Wellington Street

Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N3


Books on Genealogy

  • Ancestral trails: the complete guide to British genealogy and family history.  / Herber,.Mark   929.1072 Her
  • The Canadian genealogical handbook: a complete guide to finding your ancestors in Canada / Eric Jonasson   929.1 Joh
  • The everything online genealogy book. / Richley, Pat   929.10285 Ric
  • Genealogy in Ontario: searching the records. / Merriman, Brenda          929.10720713 Mer 1996
  • Genealogy Online / Crowe, Elizabeth   R 929.10285 Cro
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